The Magick Cabinet logo looks like a full moon surrounded by branches. In the branches sits a raven.

EXCITING NEWS! We are going to be moving within a couple of months and the WHOLE store is on SALE!

No Coupon Needed. No Minimum required. I just want to clear out the shop before moving. ENJOY the 15% OFF Everything, including Sale items!

I will be out of the Shop from May 22nd to May 29th. I will ship all orders out when I return. Keep those orders coming!

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Why shop here? Because I'm not a typical Witch!  The Magick Cabinet - is a One Witch Show - I have a Unique Online Metaphysical Shop and Apothecary with handmade Witchcraft Supplies: things for the Beginner Witch,  altar decorations, divination tools like pendulums and runes, Metaphysical healing crystals, many different sage wands and superior resin incense for your smudging rituals. We offer unique Wicca supplies, handcrafted spell kits and special crystals that always come in a gift bag with their metaphysical properties so you'll never have to guess which stone you purchased. Look for the witch blended perfume oils, ritual oils and anointing oils for use in your own spells. I make ALL of them for that extra spark of magic. You won't find those scents anywhere else. All the magical herb blends are hand blended by me for extra energy and authentic spell casting. I've done the hard work for you by gathering the necessary herbs and oils and enchanted them to make your casting easier. We don't just sell to the Witch and Wicca communities. Everyone with a spiritual mind is welcome here. It doesn't matter if your shopping for coven supplies or just want a unique gift we've got something special for you. We ship fast from Burbank, CA and are a trusted Metaphysical store in Los Angeles. Over 8 successful years online with thousands of sales and  5 star reviews.. Any Witch, Wicca, Pagan, or Metaphysical person will find what we have to offer much more energetic and powerful then the mass produced products so prevalent on the web. Witches ritual spells are always enhanced by our spell ingredients. You can find spells for your magick on our grimoire page. New handmade gemstone jewelry in the shop. Quality occult supplies at reasonable prices. You should never go broke walking on your spiritual path. Everyone one of your orders - big or small - is appreciated.. It's because of outstanding customer's like YOU that a small business like mine exist. Please follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for coupons, specials, deals, sale notifications, ideas and sneak peeks into what is coming up next. We welcome your feedback and reviews. Thank you for supporting my small business - The Magick Cabinet and the one woman show that it is.