Just a little Magic nonsense or Ramblings of a Witch:

Why do I call myself a "Witch"? So many love to dance around the word and ask if I prefer to be called a Wiccan as they think it's a more socially acceptable term. I delight in explaining that they may call me a Witch that Wicca is a neopagan religion originally started in the early 20's century and brought into the mainstream by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's. No, I'm not affiliated with their covens or churches.  
I'm proud of the term WITCH and plan to bring the power of that name back. Just call me a Witch, that's what I am. That's what I do - witchcraft.  I'm a Solitary Eclectic Witch and use energy and spells from many different lines of magick - Viking, Druid, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Crowley, Egyptian, Sumerian, Hedge - the list goes on. Why stop at one - right? It suits me. I've also been called an Ethereal Witch by some recently and I kind'a dig the name so you may see it pop up now and then.
I hope you all will embrace the term Witch and wear it proudly. It's time we take back the power it once held before it was torn to shreds.
That's it for now. 
The Ethereal Witch, better known as Audra

What is The Magick Cabinet all about?

What sets us apart from the 1000's of other metaphysical shops out there? The Magick Cabinet Metaphysical Shop offers hand made Witchcraft and Wicca supplies. I take great care in crafting the herbal blends and ritual oils. They are unique to The Magick Cabinet and you won't find more energetic magical supplies. I pride myself on doing things in the old traditional witchcraft ways with high quality products, the freshest ingredients and excellent customer service. I'm a one woman show and appreciate all of you! I enchant each witchcrafted item with magical energy for the best possible outcome. I've been in the metaphysical business online now for 4 years with over 10,000 sales and with over 4400 - 5 star reviews on Etsy. I am a blood born witch with ancestors from Essex, England and Viking ancestors from Norway. I've been actively practicing for 28 years. Shop for your all witchcraft supplies with confidence.  All of my crystals come with lavender, jasmine and rose petals, not only does it protect and cleanse a crystal on its journey to its new home but it also keeps it charged with the good energy and intentions I send with it on its journey. Lavender is also a good thing to place your crystals into when you aren't using them to keep them vibing high and to keep the intentions within them that you have charged them with.

I take care to package every item so it's like getting a gift in the mail. I want you to feel special when you receive your magical mail. If your like me, I can't wait to get my treasures, so I ship quickly within 1-3 business days, unless it's a custom order (5-7 days). The Magick Cabinet is a well respected Metaphysical shop and Apothecary based out of Los Angeles we ship to the US and Canada only as many of our products cannot be shipped to some areas.  

Handcrafted witchcraft supplies and hand blended perfume oils that you won't find anywhere else. Fully enchanted ritual sage wands for smudging away energy that's not serving you. We offer many unique metaphysical supplies for your rituals all crafted in my studio with positive, loving energy. We offer beautiful healing crystals and stones to help you along the way and gift bag them with their spiritual properties so you'll always know how they will serve you. We take pride in our resin incense and only supply the the best quality for you.  Our hand crafted resin incense blends are exclusive to our shop and are enchanted with the correct magical intent before sending your way. We have hand embroidered altar cloths, hand sewn voodoo dolls, cast iron cauldrons, divination tools, mortar and pestle sets and many other occult supplies to help you on your spiritual path. We are happy you are here. Come back often. Blessed be. 

Enough of my rambling - get back to shopping here: Metaphysical Shop

You have found an Easter Egg! Just click and download the Blue Mandala background for your own personal use as a phone or computer desktop background. Created from a photo of my Book of Shadows. Enjoy. 
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By law, I am required to say that we make no claims and sell these products only as a Curiosity and that these products are for entertainment purposes only. By purchasing these products you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you are responsible for yourself, all of your actions and your results. The Magick Cabinet is not responsible for the mishandling of herbs, essential oils, resins, charcoal tablets or any other item we sell.  We do not sell results, just the tools of magic. You are responsible for your own energy and outcomes. 

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